Mactan New Town Beach Resort: Isolated but Generally Worth it!

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Summer’s over but it shouldn’t stop you from getting a fresh breather by visiting the sea. In my case, I had the opportunity to join my colleagues at work for a day-long escapade at a private beach resort somewhere in Lapu-Lapu city.

Mactan New Town Beach Resort is previously known as Portofino beach by a lot of people up until its apparent development and perhaps change in ownership, something which I’m yet to verify.

Anyway,  it’s a decent place to enjoy a serene atmosphere complete with amenities you’ll need for your stay. I’ve never been a fan of bathing on the sea, but I sure love to savor the smell of it, the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline and the natural heat.

The place isn’t as big as how it appears on photos online, and you’ll probably make the best out of it if you go there off-season, or during weekdays. At least if silence, peace, and relaxation are what you’re up to.

We visited yesterday which is a Saturday and a holiday, so there were lots of people who came in starting 10:00 am.  Good thing we arrived at 7:00 am. We had so much time to pick our preferred cottage, prepare foods and enjoy the unadulterated sea.

(Taken around 7:15 am. Very peaceful!)

As per their Facebook page information, here is the current pricing for guests:

(Information is subject to change later on. This is the most updated as of this writing.)

There are resort operators around the place whom you can consult every time you need something. At the same time, they’re in charge of making sure guests don’t break a couple of ‘resort policies’ such as:

  • No smoking. At least within your cottage/table/parasol, etc. There is a designated area where you can smoke if you have to.
  • Cook at the designated area. You can bring utensils, plate and even portable cooking paraphernalia but you are not allowed to do the actual cooking inside your cottage or even beside it.  There is a huge space intended for cooking, frying, boiling, grilling and basically preparing all your food for the day.
  • Ask permission before using the electrical outlet. While there are available electrical outlets for charging your devices gadgets, it’s apparently not a part of the fee you pay for the cottage. I didn’t get the information how much, but it’s most likely that there is an added fee.

Well, we broke the 2nd policy as you can see here:

(No matter how hard our colleagues try to hide it, the officers still saw it! Guilty as charged!)

And of course, we were asked to transfer, which we did. Don’t follow our example! It’s best to stick to the rules this time.

There are lots of cottages to choose from, too.

(If I’m not mistaken, this is what they call the Cabana style worth PHP 1,500 per stay.)
(This, on the other hand, is the Parasol type worth PHP 800. We initially chose this, but decided to transfer to a bigger space.)

It will probably take a while before I decide to come visit this place again, but it’s something I’d recommend for those who’re looking for an affordable beach somewhere in Lapu-Lapu city.

More Tips:

  • Bring a valid ID to get a discount on entrance fees! We get PHP 50.00 off the original entrance fee since we have company IDs.
  • Bring a private car! Seriously, this place isn’t so accessible and commuting via jeepney and motorcycle just isn’t so comfortable especially if you come in groups with lots of things at hand. Taxi would work but the expense isn’t so friendly. So if you can, hire a van instead.
  • Reserve ahead of time. For those planning to visit the place on peak seasons or weekends, reservation is an advantage. Give them a call at +63 32 316 4649.


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