Mirakee App: A Simple, Intuitive, Writing App to Channel Your Creativity!


People come and go. But so are ideas.

Ideas are even more fleeting. They show up one time and can be gone in a matter of seconds. If you’re not quick enough to write them down, you might end up losing them entirely. Writers know this best.

I love writing. I love the art, the confusion, the struggle and the pain that is involved in the act of creating something for your readers – and at times for yourself.  The process is downright exhausting as it is fulfilling and enjoying. And if you’ve been writing regularly like I do, the practice never gets old or boring if you dare to explore avenues to write on.

Every article, sentence, blog post, and prose has its own life. The experience is never the same.

In one of my attempts to explore a different platform to write, I bumped into an app named Mirakee.  But with all the apps spiraling in Google Play, I decided to do a quick search to see what it is.

Short, straight to the point, tag line.

They claim to be a writer’s paradise.

And I thought, why not?

To cut the story short, I end up installing the app on my Android device, eventually creating my initial entries and checking out resident users who, I should say, are quite interactive (Well, it depends on how you define interactive .)

What I like on Mirakee’s appearance is its minimalistic, clean and simple design. I haven’t checked synonymous apps as this so I can’t tell for now how the others look. But generally, I like Mirakee’s appeal.

What You Can Do

Basically, you can write just about any random, spur-of-the-moment ideas while on the go. Common entries by users include:

  • Poetry
  • Haiku
  • Random thoughts
  • Short opinion
  • Writing prompts

…and more

Also, you get to play around simple photo editing to color your posts!

Mirakee also allows you to put background images on posts through their built-in gallery or upload your own. For an added identity on your work, you can use the copyright symbol to attribute posts to your account.

There’s no telling how long I’ll use and stay in the Mirakee writers community, but I’m definitely liking it so far!

Oh yes, and if you ever decide to give it a try, feel free to get in touch with me @writingchronicler !  See you writers!

Mirakee on Google Play Store

Mirakee on App Store



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