Pineng Powerbank First Impression Plus a BONUS TIP!

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Even the most advanced, top-grade smartphone units run out of power at a certain point.

A device with an ‘unlimited battery’ seems like the dream of all mobile users, but with commercialization at the core of every business venture, there’s a slim chance this will be made available anytime soon.

Not impossible, take note.

But highly unlikely at this point.

And if you’re an active smartphone user with lots of installed apps on your device, you understand how disappointing it can be to be in the middle of chatting with friends on Facebook only to suddenly run out of power.

I’ve been there. So to save me from the hassle of finding charging kiosk in public areas, I decided to finally get a powerbank unit. Specifically, the Pineng PN-920 20000mah Powerbank – (Black/Red).

Why Pineng?

I never did any extensive research to understand all the technicalities involved in how powerbanks are built. I really think they’re more or less the same. I mainly relied on:

  • The power capacity (20,000 mah seemed like huge enough to sustain my hardcore mobile usage)
  • Reviews from users (Because I trust this more than ads)
  • Price (At all times…)
  • Design / look (Black and red combination has always been my favorite.)


I bought the device from Lazada at a lower price. Apparently, it’s on sale.


The body is made of plastic but feels sturdy enough to at least handle average impact against something solid.

The package contains 1 powerbank unit, a chord, and a user manual. Pretty much what you need, actually.


It allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously, which is good.


I have the tendency to be judgmental to anything that is made of plastic, so this is not an exception. Besides, the box doesn’t look like classy either, which in fact appeared different from other Pineng boxes I saw online.

So I was really skeptical on the legitimacy of this product. I had to find a way to make sure what I have is legit!

Tip to Verify your Product’s Legitimacy

Since my smartphone’s just beside me, I went to Google play store and downloaded an app, which again, seemed to have high reviews from the users – The QR Code Reader by TW Mobile.

QR Code Reader

The barcode for the package I received is on top of the box. To see the unique serial number of the item, you scratch the numbers with any means necessary. A coin would do the trick.


How to use the app:

  1. Click the app.
  2. Point the blue scanner to the package’s barcode
  3. Wait for a URL to appear and click Browse Website. 
  4. The text in RED should tell you whether or not the device is authentic.

NOTE: I don’t claim that using this app is 100% accurate. It may vary depending on the product you’re checking. 

First-hand experience with Pineng 20,000mah

I’m generally satisfied with the purchase! It lasts for a maximum of one week in my current usage, which is already a big deal since I’m almost always on the go and prefer leaving my mobile charger at home.

The only thing I quite don’t like is the long hours needed to recharge the powerbank. It literally takes a whole day to do it!

But of course it’s understandable considering its capacity and I don’t have issues with it since I do the charging during weekends when I’m at home. It’s also quite bulky on its 6-inch length and can be heavy too. But then again, I don’t mind.

Would I recommend the device?

I would if you’re a heavy mobile user!

As of this writing, the device is still available at Lazada Philippines at Php 899.  Price is, of course, subject to change without prior notice.

Who else has tried this unit? Any thoughts?

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