ARMY Fandom – BTS’s Very Own Twitter Specialists

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As of this writing, over thousands (perhaps even millions) of people would’ve already heard about BTSthe Korean boy group who recently rocked Microsoft Theater with their highly energetic performance and stellar visuals during the AMA 2017.

But it’s not just about the performance. One thing that made BTS standout on the show is the amazing support they got both from their American and global fans.

They’re officially called ‘ARMY.’  And for a clear reason.

I watched AMA on an online streaming site, and by now I know that I missed the ‘fanchants’ which according to many were just ‘loud’ and ‘incredible.’  See here:

I’m assuming it’s even louder on site.

Army’s Twitter Domination

From the show’s red carpet to the start of the actual awards night, #AMA , #BTSxAMA has been trending worldwide that a non-fan might’ve started to question just who they are to generate such global reactions from viewers.

Well, I’ve been a fan of BTS and from their past concerts,  I know just how easy they snatch the no.1 top trend on Twitter once the show starts. And AMA 2017 just proved, once again, how strong their fanbase’s presence is on Twitter.

It’s so strong that they even got themselves a world record!  Congrats BTS and Armies!

It’s official! BTS now holds the record for most Twitter engagements for a music group! Congratulations!

If some doubted the group as the winners of the recent Billboard’s Top Social Artist award, this announcement from Guinness World Records just made the result even more legit.

ARMY can undoubtedly be the most passionate fandom as of late, and they’re always in full force when they tweet. They dominated Twitter during AMA and considering BTS’s long-awaited Mic Drop collaboration with Steve Aoki and Desiigner dropping TODAY, it’s most likely we’ll see the ‘ARMIES’ rise again to dominate the Twitterverse!

I’m one of those who can’t wait for Mic Drop’s remix. it’s my favorite on BTS’s recent track, so I’m hoping for the best!  If you haven’t seen the teaser, here it is:


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