In Photos: Ho Chi Minh’s Independence Palace

Home to Vietnam’s previous presidents and a significant location during the Vietnam War, the Independence Palace continues to be a home rich in stories and local history.


Last December 2017, I took a break and decided to visit one of Philippine’s closest neighbor country, Vietnam.

I landed in Ho Chi Minh (popularly known as Saigon) and had the pleasure of visiting the city’s notable landmarks for a day before I fly to Hanoi the next day.

Our first stop is the Independence Palace or the Reunification Palace which became and important site during the Vietnam War.

Here’s the place in photos:

A view of the palace from outside. Other guests during the visit included foreign tourists and local students on their educational tour. 
STATE BANQUETING HALL: Said to hold state banquets with as much as 100 guests. 
CONFERENCE HALL: Known to hold momentous events such as the announcement of the regime’s new Cabinet members. The place can hold at most 500 people. At present, it’s used for official receptions. 
A watercolor painting of Vietnam’s Legendary ancestor
AMBASSADORS CHAMBER: Sai Gon in the past is said to host a lot of ambassadors from different countries. Newly arriving ambassadors at the time were said to show their credential to Vietnam’s president in this place. 
Not sure if this unit’s still working but it looks functional. 
Huge radio units found underground! 
Heading underground
A restricted area – makes you wonder what’s down there. What it’s used for? 
Narrow alleys dividing one room to another 
Never saw a mixer as big as this one! 
Even this one’s huge too!  

The palace’s twists and turns in its architecture can be confusing, but you’ll most likely find your way out following staircases and doors. (Unless of course if you enter the restricted areas –  no one knows what’s out there. ^_^)



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